West Hollywood Drug Rehab

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West Hollywood Drug Rehab

Is your addiction getting out of hand? Have you considered seeking help from a  West Hollywood drug rehab? West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center is one of the leading rehab centers with modern amenities and evidence-based therapies. We have a skilled and compassionate clinical team who work around-the-clock to help our patients overcome their substance abuse disorders.

How do I pay for rehab treatment?

Ranked as the best drug rehab and nearby alcohol rehabs, we accept all major insurances. While most people use Obamacare or private insurance to pay for addiction treatment, you may also use Medicaid or Medicare. 

You also have private funding and financing options if you do not own insurance. Besides, make sure to check your eligibility for the federal, state, and local government grants and financial assistance programs for addiction treatment.

Can I recover my job after rehab?

People battling an addiction condition often avoid seeking treatment for their behavioral disorders due to the fear of hurting their career. However, leaving your substance abuse disorder untreated will cause tremendous disservices over time. Research shows that individuals who got treatment for addiction were twice more likely to find a new job or keep their jobs than those who did not seek a West Hollywood drug and alcohol rehab.

Remember that several laws and acts provide you with job security while you seek professional help. Seeking treatment from a  West Hollywood drug rehab center like ours may not only help you get sober and enhance your prospective career opportunities but can improve your overall quality of life as well.

How do I prepare for rehab?

Once you decide to join a drug rehabilitation center in West Hollywood, there are a few measures that you must carry out to prepare for your stay at a rehab. These include:

Take care of work 

The Family and Medical Leave Act provides a maximum of twelve weeks of medical leave, which means you can resume your job after completing the inpatient treatment. While it is no easy task to talk to your employer about your upcoming rehab treatment, remember that if your organization appreciates you as an employee, they will do their best to accommodate your needs.

Family obligations

If you’re a caregiver to elderly parents, pets, or young children, be sure to look for temporary care or talk to your family or friends to look after them while you are away for treatment.

Tie up financial loose ends 

Make arrangements for the bills to be paid while you are away for treatment by setting up automatic payments or speak to someone who can handle them for you. Also, pay off any debts or loans before entering treatment, as you do not want to return to a life with financial hardships after rehab.

All it takes is one call to begin on a liberating journey towards sobriety; call 855-969-9234 to speak to one of our rehabilitation professionals. We are a leading West Hollywood Addiction Treatment Center with opulent accommodations, gourmet meal options, customized treatments, and the best medical detox programs. Our West Hollywood drug rehab can help you embrace sobriety and attain improved mental wellness. Contact us to join our rehab program.

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