Sex Addiction Treatment

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Sex Addiction Treatment

Sex addiction is a prevalent issue in the current generation. Public figures like celebrities are never afraid to express their shame and stigma to the world in a quest to seek treatment and bring awareness.

At the core of it, pornography addiction is one of the easiest ways to deal with trauma, stress, and disturbing moments. This case is because sex is sometimes the only way to reconnect with emotions after you experience intense distress that numbs your healthy emotional process. Sex addiction becomes an issue when you cannot have an everyday life or maintain healthy connections with family, friends, or new acquaintances.

Understanding pornography and Christians

What is sex addiction?

The WHO defines sex addiction as sexual fantasy obsessions that help one avoid stress and numb a disturbing thought pattern. The Bible has a more spiritual definition, which defines it as a sin that will ultimately lead you to worse things and, eventually, death. God commands married couples to have sex, but it is clear that sex is a lustful act for unmarried people.

The main problem with sex addiction is that it is so addictive it will ultimately cause psychological and biological trauma. The Bible may not use the term addiction to define an obsession with unhealthy sexual ways, but it does explain that the road to worse repercussions starts with lust thoughts.

Help for porn-addicted Christians.

The challenge to sex addiction treatment is to put your life together in a manner that gets you back on the healthy track and reconnects you with God’s undying love. You must be ready to seek rehab programs that address your physical, mental and spiritual issues so you have a holistic recovery experience.

Should you attend rehab?

Rehab programs are great at introducing you to the basics of addiction. They let you in on the events and experiences of the sexual habit, so you can awaken to your senses and understand your mind. The downside of a pure rehab program is that it will be difficult for you to transition back into a healthy spiritual mind because they do not offer Biblical perspectives.

Reasons to seek a Bible-based sex addiction treatment

Rebuild trust

God draws us near to him and is aware when you make mistakes, just like he did with Adam and Eve; He returned to them even after they disobeyed. Much of the work we do in sex addiction healing programs is to help you accept the condition entirely and come to terms with the darkest feelings and secrets. We aim to guide you through the immense guilt that cripples most people and bring you to the full awareness of God’s love for you, despite the type of sin. Eventually, you will be in alignment with the truthfulness, care, and honesty that enables you to live a better and happier life.

Boulder Recovery uses modern tools like neurobiological sciences to give you the best treatment. You will have personalized attention in a 14-day intensive porn addiction treatment in Boulder to help you learn about yourself and the love of God to steer you to greatness. Contact or call (720-902-9919) our Boulder Colorado sex addiction therapist for men, and let us begin by praying for you to ease your path towards healing.

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