Rehab Center Stockton Ca

Rehab Center Stockton Ca

Stockton Nursing Center is a pioneer rehab center in Stockton, CA, and we offer the best amenities and therapies at affordable prices. We also offer hospice/respite stays for seniors and patients suffering from terminal illnesses.

Can speech therapy help after a stroke?

The effectiveness of speech therapy in stroke survivors depends on the part of the brain affected and the severity of the damage. Either way, intensive speech therapy can help patients regain their lost language and speech skills to an extent, if not fully. Some patients suffer from a condition called "aphasia," where the stroke affects the left frontal area of the brain and damages the language network. These patients can understand what others say but cannot respond as they face difficulty with putting words together and forming sentences.

In such cases, a speech-language pathologist can help patients improve their communication by training them on easy methods of communication. Remember that regaining lost abilities after a stroke is a slow process and requires lots of patience and perseverance. In the interim period, we also teach patients to use certain props and communication aids to help them convey their thoughts to their family members, friends, and loved ones. At our rehab center in Stockton, CA, we offer excellent speech therapy for patients suffering from aphasia and other speech disorders.

Care and Recovery after Brain Surgery

After brain surgery, patients require plenty of rest and proper post-operative care to return to their routine and usual energy level. The recovery time may fluctuate from patient to patient based on the type of brain surgery, the location of the tumor in the brain, areas affected by the tumor, patient’s age, and overall health condition. At our facility, our team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapists work together to design a rehab plan for each patient in recovery.

A physiotherapist will assess the patient’s ability to walk and climb. He/she may also examine the patient's stamina, flexibility, balance, and strength and develop an exercise routine to best address the patient's medical needs. Besides, our occupational therapists will analyze the patient's ability to engage in everyday activities and will create a rehab plan to improve their independence and cognitive abilities.

Lastly, our speech-language pathologists will assess speech and language-related problems in patients after brain surgery and evaluate them for problems in swallowing. For brain tumor survivors who suffer from deteriorated language and speech, we offer highly effective speech therapy to help them regain their communication skills.

Cost of post-operative rehabilitation 

On average, the cost of staying at a rehabilitation center ranges between $5,000 and $8,000. Medicare offers coverage for short-term stays, therapy programs, and post-operative care at a skilled nursing facility. This cost may increase or decrease based on the period of stay, the type of facility you choose, location, and type of services and care you require.

We are a top-rated rehab center in Stockton, CA, and our range of post-operative care includes post-orthopedic care, balance training, stoke recovery, cardio rehab, outpatient therapy, etc. Visit or call Stockton Nursing Center today for further details.

Rehab Center Stockton Ca
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Rehab Center Stockton Ca
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