PRP treatment SF

PRP treatment SF

What do Tiger Woods and Rafael Nadal have in common? Apart from being very successful athletes in their respective fields, they are known to be patrons of platelet-rich plasma or PRP treatment. This medical procedure has become known for its approach to healing injuries. 

If you are interested in PRP treatment in SF, contact Benchmark Biomedical. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of regenerative medicine applications and business development. We work with both industry experts and newbies to come up with solutions that would best fit the outcome we all want to achieve. 

What is PRP Treatment? 

People who experience chronic pain from tendon injuries can get relief from PRP therapy. It makes use of the individual’s own blood to repair a damaged tendon. It has been triumphant in relieving pain and stimulating the healing process. 

Specifically, PRP treatment in SF involves reintroducing it to the body. Plasma is a blood component loaded with proteins that aid the blood to clot. The same proteins promote cell growth. PRP is produced through the isolation of plasma from the blood and then concentrating it. 

Damaged tissues will then be injected with PRP to jumpstart the body in growing new, healthy cells and boosting healing. Considering the concentration of tissue growth factors, the prepared growth injections help the tissues to heal faster. 

PRP Treatment and Its Purpose 

There are several applications connected to the treatment. Treatment of tendon injuries is the first of these. Tendons, being tough and thick tissue bands, are considerably slow to heal when an injury occurs. But the advent of PRP treatment has ushered the way for nursing chronic tendon problems. 

Among these chronic troubles are Achilles tendonitis at the ankle, tennis elbow, and pain in the knee’s patellar tendon, or more popularly known as the jumper’s knee. 

Acute sports injuries have also benefited from PRP treatment. Pulled hamstring muscles or knee sprains are just some of the trauma the procedure has aided. 

Osteoarthritis has been clinically tested for possible treatment using the PRP. While a 2016 study showed that PRP treatment is indeed more effective than hyaluronic acid injections, the same was conducted with a small group only. 

There are also medical practitioners who use PRP treatment to repair a torn tendon or ligaments. This is done following the surgery of rotator cuff tendon in the shoulder and anterior cruciate ligament or ACL. 

PRP treatment goes beyond curing the injuries as there has been a trial as well on using this injection to curb hair loss. Those suffering from androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, were given PRP to promote the growth of the hair and do away with hair loss. 

Road to Recovery 

Those who undergo PRP treatment in SF are placed on relative rest. Six weeks of physical therapy follows this. Within 6 to 12 weeks, re-evaluation among patients is done to see if there are improvements. It is must be noted though that some patients bearing more severe injuries require more than one treatment to get successful results.

Benchmark Biomedical is your partner in making that road to recovery a reality. Contact us today and learn more about our services. 

PRP treatment SF