Portland Allergy Clinic

Portland Allergy Clinic

Why Choose The Allergy Immunology Clinic as your Portland Allergy Clinic:

- If you’re suffering with allergies, it’s vital that you get to the bottom of what’s going on inside of your body- and that means an accurate diagnosis of your condition. While some clinics offer treatment, not all of them specialize in diagnostic testing, which leads to the question of whether the patient has self-diagnosed or has received a correct identification of their condition. The Allergy Immunology Clinic offers skin testing and intra-dermal testing that can lead to the proper treatment for your allergy. If you’re still wondering why your body is reacting to external conditions in the way that it is, schedule an appointment at the Clinic by calling 503-245-8060.

- The Allergy Immunology Clinic diagnoses and treats food allergies, including Peanut and Nut Anaphylaxis, Eosinophilic Esophagitis, and Celiac Disease. As food allergies continue to increase in numbers, it is now common forgone child in every classroom to have a food allergy. Since food allergies can be life-threatening, they can pose an enormous challenge to the child and the family. As experienced allergists in the Portland Allergy Clinic, the staff at the Allergy Immunology Clinic can help you determine whether your child has a genuine food allergy, and how to best go about dealing with the issue. You can find more information on good allergies and treatment options by visiting the ‘Our Services’ link on the home page and clicking on ‘Food Allergies’.

- If you’re currently allergic to antibiotics or medications, the Allergy Immunology Clinic can provide professional desensitization. To speak with an Allergist about your allergy, please call the clinic at 503 245-8060 or fill out the convenient online form located on the AllergyPDX.com website. You’ll also find more information on www.WorldAllergy.org.

- The Portland Allergy Clinic provides numerous services to their patients including Metal Allergy Evaluations, Chronic Urticaria Treatment for Unresponsiveness to Antihistamine, treatment for Severe Chronic Asthma, diagnosis and treatment for Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Xolair therapy, treatment for Immune Deficiency, and diagnosis and treatment for Hereditary or Acquired Angio-neurotic Edema. Click on the ‘Other Services’ link to learn more or call the clinic to speak with a member of their staff.

- If you’re suffering with an allergy or condition you have yet to identify, the Portland Allergy Clinic can help you better understand what you’re dealing with and find  treatment plan that will get you back on track to living a life with more control over the problem. The Allergy Immunology Clinic provides total allergy treatment solutions to patients, starting with understanding the nature of the problem and learning new skills to control the issue effectively. For comprehensive adult and pediatric treatment, call the Clinic now at 503-245-8060. Schedule an appointment for professional treatment for your allergy or other condition now and start feeling more like yourself. The clinic is located on SW Greenburg Rd in Portland, Oregon.