How to detox drugs from your body

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How to detox drugs from your body

Are you searching the internet for answers to 'how to detox drugs from your body'? Royal Life Centers is a highly sought-after drug detox center with integrated treatment programs and evidence-based therapies. We prepare our guests for lasting success with sobriety, using advanced addiction treatment resources and relapse prevention tips.

How to detox drugs from your body?

Medical detox is the process of flushing out the toxic residues from your body using targeted medication plans. Only a certified physician can administer a medical detox procedure in a fully equipped rehab or treatment facility. More importantly, you must stay under the supervision of a medical team for several days following detox to overcome the painful and fatal withdrawal symptoms safely.

Contact a licensed addiction treatment center and express your intention to undergo medical detox, and they will guide you on how to proceed. Our addiction treatment program begins with the medical detox procedure and helps patients attain comprehensive recovery from addiction using evidence-based therapies, counseling, and 12-step meetings.

What can I expect during medical detox?

Our top addiction rehab centers offer detox process in three stages. The customized detox program encompasses the following steps:

  1. Evaluation – We conduct a comprehensive physical and mental health examination on each of our guests upon intake. This will help our professionals create a customized detox plan based on their medical screening results. 
  2. Stabilization – We rely on evidence-based therapies and counseling to stabilize patients and prepare them for detox. Our physician may prescribe medications to reduce the impact of the withdrawal symptoms and prevent health complications.
  3. Entry into treatment – We then educate patients on what to expect during detox and begin with the procedure. The detox phase usually lasts several days, up to a week or two, depending on your response to treatment and overall progress.

We are among the few drug treatment centers in Arizona to engage patients in counseling, 12-step meetings, and behavioral therapies immediately after detox to help them attain holistic recovery from dual diagnosis conditions.

Why choose us for medical detox

We follow a customized and proven addiction rehab process, which ensures the lowest relapse rates in patients. Here's why we are the ideal option for medical detox:

  • Set in a breath-taking location, our facility offers the highest level of comfort, best dining options, and a variety of other modern amenities to our residential rehab and detox patients.
  • We are one of the few addiction rehab centers to provide guests with around-the-clock medical assistance and personalized care.
  • We engage patients in immersive therapies such as individual, activity, equine, adventure therapy, etc., and help patients attain improved physical, mental, and emotional wellness.

Your search for the best addiction treatment near me ends here. As the leading treatment provider for alcohol and drug addiction, at Royal Life Centers, we can help individuals overcome addiction and withdrawal symptoms with a customized medical detox procedure. You no longer have to worry about how to detox drugs from your body. Call us today at 877-732-6837 for more details on our detox treatment.

How to detox drugs from your body