Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers In Florida

Alcohol and drug addiction is a problem that daily affects the lives of individuals worldwide, especially that of youths and young adults. The abuse of drugs and alcohol has impaired thousands of lives and families. 

Every year in Florida, thousands of people lose their lives to substance addiction and dependency. Substance overdose occurs regularly as thousands of people succumb to drug and alcohol overdose due to substance dependency.

However, substance abuse is not a death sentence, nor is it a ticket to stagnancy in one's life. Alcohol and drug abuse don't mean that an individual's life is over or ruined.

St John's Recovery Place is here to give you the help you need.  We treat adults who are struggling with substance abuse, and we have several treatment options for everyone. We understand that an individual's needs vary; we treat each person based on their needs and individuality.

Why We Incorporate Therapies In Addiction Treatments

Incorporating mind-body practices can help the patients relax as well as improving both their mental and physical states. When both the mind and body are relaxed, the individual can better deal with anxiety, depression, and pain. 

Our drug and alcohol rehabilitation center employ professionals who know that mind-body practices greatly benefit people's recovery from substance addiction and dependency.

The use of yoga, mediation, and massage therapy to improve physical and mental health using the mind is called mind-body practice.

At SJRP, we know that the importance of mind-body practices cannot be overemphasized. These practices help lessen withdrawal symptoms, cravings, and the risk of deterioration for patients in recovery.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is vital in the treatment of substance abuse. Although mind-body practices cannot replace medicine, they can be used as an additional treatment. Massage therapies help to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, improves mobility, relieve neck and back pain, and restores balance. Massage therapy also helps to reduce the pain from detox and substance withdrawal. Our rehabilitation center is fully equipped with experienced individuals who help clients relax from this pain by offering massage therapy.


The goal of meditation is to harmonize the body and mind to improve the quality of life and enhance mental wellness. Meditation is done by taking deep breaths for increased connection and awareness. 

Meditation is beneficial to substance treatment as it reduces depression, increases concentration, improves moods, reduces PTSD, improves attention, etc. 


Yoga is a combination of movement with meditation. St John's Recovery place has skilled instructors who help you with this effective mind-body exercise. Yoga is effective in alcohol and drug addiction because it reduces back pains, neck pains, improves mood, reduces depression, and relieves stress.

The body and mind are mutually exclusive. As such, what affects one, affects the other. At St John's Recovery center, we incorporate mind-body practices such as yoga, mediation, and massage therapy to help reduce stress, pain, and anxiety.

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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers In Florida
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Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers In Florida
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