Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Orange County Ca

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Orange County Ca

In the 21st century when social media dominates the world, and there are influencers and models in every corner. The mental health, self-esteem, and self-confidence of people especially youngsters and teens have taken a huge hit. Everyone is trying to fit into this world of Instagram where they have the perfect body, hair, skin, lifestyle, etc. Teens forget that not everything a person is dealing with or every hardship is posted on social media, mostly, only the filtered, lavish lifestyle is posted. This has resulted in rising mental health issues for teens. They are always thinking of themselves as not good enough, and finding areas of flaws in themselves, due to which they have trouble socializing, communicating, and peaceful enjoying life. Having the perfect everything has become the goal and the flaws or imperfections that make a person unique are looked down upon. It is tough to accept that real life has no filters!

Eating disorders, Anxiety, Depression, Substance abuse, are all disorders that are becoming increasingly common in teens and are making their teenage years the most struggling ones. One way to treat these disorders in the form of a steady and stable process is by the use of cognitive behavioral therapy.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

CBT is a form of therapy that considers three aspects of the human personality; thoughts, behavior, and feelings, and focuses on the connection between these three. It is a highly successful treatment for disorders such as anxiety, substance abuse, and eating disorders as it is a process through which the root problem of the issue is analyzed and then worked upon so that the thoughts causing the behavior and feelings can be worked up. This method of therapy focuses on learning and unlearning techniques and makes the patient aware of their thought processes and the actions caused by those thought processes.

How Does CBT Help Teens?

CBT has an overall good response rate when it comes to treating teens. There are multiple reasons behind it such as:

1) CBT does not require the use of medicine or drugs: Teens often act out rebelliously when they are forced to take medicines and such for their disorders. As medicines are seen as a label that you are sick and need help- something that teens are usually receptive about.

2) Learning process: Over time the therapist works on making the patient self-aware of their disorder, the thoughts causing it, and how to fix it. So the teens become conscious of their actions and become in charge of handling their disorder effectively.

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