Back Pain Treatment Escondido

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Back Pain Treatment Escondido

Dr. Peter Moncado at Moncado Chiropractic, offers the best back pain treatment for chronic back pain caused by herniated discs. His highly sought-after treatment time slots in the Escondido area, may also include treating the neck and some more general tension if headaches accompany the back pain but if you find you are having localized back pain and possibly experiencing loss of strength in the spine, you should schedule an appointment immediately. We will get you started on back pain treatment to keep your problem from getting any worse.

Reasons to choose Peter Moncado for back pain treatment

Peter Moncado D.C. is the #1 chiropractor for back pain relief in Escondido with over 22 years of experience in offering corrective care. He is a great listener with exceptional people skills, which enables him to design an accurate treatment plan for each of his patients. He is a CBP practitioner that specializes in foot care and has completed the activator proficiency training. Peter is one of the few practitioners to offer flexible office hours to help patients make time for adjustments amidst their demanding schedules.

We offer easy payment options, and our chiropractor responds to all patient queries quickly. Besides people skills, Peter Moncado has a unique sense of empathy, passion for the profession, humility, and discipline, which makes him the finest chiropractor in town.

Benefits of chiropractic adjustments

Our chiropractic adjustments are an excellent spine surgery alternative in Escondido and a safe alternative to surgeries and back pain medications. Some of the benefits of chiropractic treatments include: 

  • Improved joint mobility, muscle function, and improves range of motion in individuals.
  • It can help release muscle tension from stress that causes, spasms, pain, and loss of power or leverage.
  • Alleviated or improved pain levels in patients suffering from acute and chronic pain conditions.
  • Addresses pain-related insomnia that make a person feel like their health is spiralling downward out of control. Focus/concentration, energy, and mood, are all very important to healing a back injury.
  • It decreases the degeneration of the joints and connective tissues by reduces inflammation and keeping the body pliable.
  • Lastly, it helps improve blood circulation which promotes healing and quicker recovery times. Circulation also enhances nerve function and a person's immunity.

Conditions that get better with chiropractic adjustments

Our top Escondido back pain chiropractor, Peter Moncado, is an expert at treating hundreds of acute and chronic pain conditions. Some of the common conditions that improve or heal with chiropractic adjustments include:

Subluxation - it occurs as a result of misalignment in the spine, which affects movement and physiological functions. Chiropractic adjustments can improve spinal health and alleviate acute and chronic pain conditions. Along with adjustments, our chiropractor may also offer lifestyle counseling to improve the quality of life in patients with injuries, spine problems, and other chronic conditions.

Back pain - Our affordable chiropractic treatments for back pain can help you overcome your back pains, spinal injuries, sports-related injuries, and accident injuries with a carefully stipulated treatment plan. Our skilled chiropractor addresses pain at its source and offers effective pain relief.

Herniated Disk - Our chiropractor treats bulging or slipped spinal discs with non-invasive but highly therapeutic adjustments. Some maneuvers in chiropractic adjustments mimic a deep tissue massage, which helps relieve muscle spasms and improves joints and ligament function.

Get in touch with us at Moncado Chiropractic to schedule an adjustment. Dr. Peter Moncado is one of the top Escondido back pain chiropractors with 22 years of experience. He offers the most effective back pain treatment in Escondido at affordable prices.

Back Pain Treatment Escondido
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Back Pain Treatment Escondido
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