Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles

With the influx of alcohol rehab centers popping up everywhere, it can be challenging to choose the right rehab that will meet your needs. So, how do you know which alcohol rehab facility is suitable for you? This post will provide you insight into what to look for when choosing an alcohol rehab.

Licensing and Certifications

Check if the alcohol rehab center you're choosing is fully licensed and accredited. While some alcohol rehab facilities are only licensed by the state, others are only accredited or certified by medical institutions such as the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities. While licensing varies by the state, accreditation gives a clearer picture of the rehab center's quality of work. Before choosing an alcohol rehab center, ask them about their licensing, accreditation, and any additional certifications their facility or individual staff members hold.

Presence of Health Professionals

While some alcohol rehab centers focus on detoxing, others offer a full range of therapies and mental health services designed to prevent a patient from relapsing. Look for a rehab that has full-time addiction counselors and therapists with appropriate accreditation and licenses. Some facilities have counselors available, while other contracts with outside mental health counselors. Ask the alcohol rehab center about the availability of their counselors and therapists if you are in doubt. 

Evidence-Based Treatment Methods

When choosing an alcohol rehab center, make sure the facility uses a combination of medication-assisted therapies, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Twelve-Step Facilitation to achieve sobriety in patients. Some rehab centers rely heavily on spiritual programming to motivate patients to stay clean and sober. While spiritual treatment has proven to work for some patients, it may not work for others. Choose a rehab center that offers evidence-based treatment methods. 

Group vs. Individual 

Most alcohol rehab centers provide patients with a combination of activities and therapies. These may include individual and group therapy and activities like fitness and art classes. Choose a rehab center that allows patients to build bonds, do group activities, and make new friends during their addiction treatment.

Home-Like Environment

The most successful alcohol rehab centers are not institutions that keep patients in a room. Try to look for a rehab that provides a home-like setting. The facility should have an area for interaction with other patients, a place for privacy, and a place to relax. The recovery process is challenging. You shouldn't feel uncomfortable during and after treatment. It helps if you're able to concentrate on your healing without having to worry about the environment.

Let Silicon Beach Help You Restore Your Quality Of Life

If you or a loved one needs help finding the best alcohol rehab in Los Angeles, Silicon Beach offers alcohol treatment in a relaxed, luxurious setting to help you experience a safe, long-lasting recovery. We believe in helping patients facing challenges discover the root of their problems and reclaim their lives. Give our admissions team a call at 833-LA-REHAB to speak with an addiction treatment expert or verify your insurance.

Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles
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Alcohol Rehab Los Angeles
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